Karen Simms: I Am No Longer in Chronic Pain

Prior to starting Pilates. I struggled for many, many years with chronic back pain, which was in part due to an old injury in my knee. I broke my knee in my twenties. My right leg was severely atrophied. I had poor flexibility in my leg. I had a knee replacement, but after months and months of PT, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. I just felt weak. I felt I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do either because I would be in pain or because I was afraid of hurting myself.  Being a very active person, I just found that that was not acceptable. 


Dominic Coppola: It’s the Fountain of Youth

Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic and quarantine, I really lost substantial weight and was feeling good. And I was doing everything on my own, but I gained weight during the pandemic and I was not happy about that. Then I had carpal tunnel syndrome. So a lot of things I had been doing, bicycling and running and high intensity impact training, I was a little concerned with. And I just did research as to what type of program could help build lower back strength or overall back strength and flexibility. And every research kept pointing me in the direction of Pilates. Prior to beginning Pilates…. twice eight years ago, and a year ago I had a sciatica where I couldn’t sit or stand or sleep and I  was recuperated, but it came back last year and both times how to have epidurals who cure it. And since starting pilates has just made my back stronger and more confident and just much more flexible.


Dolores Lampone: I Really Feel a Sense of Being Centered

My biggest struggle was my lower back pain, which I had often. Certain things I would do at work– If I were moving boxes or even playing pickleball or making certain moves, I would hurt my back and I would feel it for days. And I think from working my core, I’m strengthening and I feel a big difference with that. If my back does go out, it doesn’t hurt for as many days as it did prior to.


Patricia Devita: I Am Now a Participant in Life

So one of the problems that I had that really brought me to Pilates was the level of discomfort I was getting from my back. My back pain really radiates down my leg and into my foot. What I found was happening was that I was just muddling through life and not dealing with the cause of the pain.  

Pilates has helped by allowing me to stretch my muscles and really gain some strength and flexibility. Just the moving, keeping tabs on myself, all of that combined made this pain decrease. I worked through the pain, so that’s not as much of a struggle for me as it had been previously. 


Joseph Tumminelo: Found the Root Cause of My Back Pain

The struggles that I’ve had prior to starting Pilates would definitely be focused on back and core ability. I am 46 years old with three herniated discs and in addition to that, some other challenges with my back and legs after going to pain management, orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, I was desperate for help and this Pilates studio here gave me that hope to get better, get stronger and drill down to the root cause of my challenge.

The changes I have seen since I’ve started Pilates would definitely be focused on flexibility, quick signs of strength in my core, (which I didn’t know was as weak as it was until I started strengthening it). And I have seen a difference in how my body’s been feeling in a short period of time.