Precision Pilates studio in Smithtown offers a safe environment for you to reconnect to you, and focus on making you the best you can be.

The studio is an escape from everyday life. You will hear people laughing and groaning all at the same time. The studio is a judgement free zone, where every day is a different day, and students do what they can in the moment.

Our Studio is equipped with traditional Pilates equipment including: reformer, mat, tower, chair, ladder barrel, and pedi-pole. Plus all the small equipment: magic circle, step barrels, toe-gizmo, foot corrector, balls, and weighted bars.

Each session follows the Classical Pilates method that has been around for over a century since “uncle Joe” created it. It is a highly effective series of movements that will help you feel better, have more energy, and get stronger.

Your workout will be tailored towards you, your needs, and conditions. It will energize you, challenge you, and restore you.

Pilates will be everything you need to help you get to where you need to be in your body and mind.

The Story of Precision


I  began my Pilates Journey. I was working at the Mid-Island Y JCC in Plainview. Pilates just came to the mainstream. We had an instructor from NYC come in to teach Pilates mat for us. She was very unreliable and would cancel often, and without notice. Since I had a dance background.  I signed myself and another instructor up for a mat certification with Physical mind.    


After leaving the JCC, I started moonlighting at local studios around the island. I then went on to get certified by Power Pilates, in their mat program. After settling in Smithtown, I decided there was so much more to Pilates, and wanted to know the work better and learn the equipment.   I made the leap and went through the equipment certification through Power Pilates. I started teaching at Golds Gym, Simply Pilates, and Pilates Center of Long Island. I realized quickly, I did not like “gym” Pilates.   


After realizing I was missing too many milestones with my children, I decided to work for myself and hang a shingle as they say and “LLC”-ed Precision Pilates and Wellness.

Precision Pilates has evolved over the years. Personal training and mat were our mainstays to start. The universe was in line with me, I found a reformer on craigslist for a steal. Investing in Springboards, and small props so my clients can “feel the Power” of the springs, our tiny studio grew, and grew.    


I ramped up my offerings with small group classes and the rest is history.    I was busy, I was steady.  I hemmed and hawed about getting space outside the home.  I looked, I looked but never found the space that felt like home. I kept my eyes open for good deals on used equipment and began to amass a small studio in a storage unit for the “One Day.”


Fast forward to March. COVID hit and we shifted to Virtual. I never worked harder in my life to keep people going, create some normalcy, to give them solace in routine. I left props, mats, and weights on the front porch for members to borrow. Made bulk orders on anything I could get my hands on.   We did it though. 

In June we were supposed to open up, NYS pulled the plug. Then in July, they said we could open outside.  I moved 3 Reformers to my back porch and hoped for the best, it would be for a short time. I ordered towers for the reformers for a better Pilates experience 

It was an instant success. We followed all the mandates, temp checks, hand sanitizing, affidavits, masks, 6 feet apart. The studio was growing.   We moved another reformer to the porch and added Wunda chairs. NY State said we could go inside…. I was not ready yet for anyone to be tracking in and out of my home. So we stayed outside. I ordered heaters, I sewed clear plastic blinds (thanks mom for sending me for sewing lessons in 3rd grade). We made it work. Members wore gloves, layers, and we tried not to talk about temperature. NYS announced we can go 3 feet apart. We added a 5th Reformer.

Spring came, we added oscillating fans. Summer came, we handed cold eucalyptus towels out. No one wanted to go inside this was our Oasis.   


AND I knew it was time to start looking. I finally found home. It was more space than I needed (2000 sq. ft), and with COVID still looming, I was nervous, I was scared, it would have been easier to stay comfy. But it was time. I reached out to a past member who said if you ever move I would love to partner with you. And that’s when the Facialist and Pilates joined forces.  Making you Strong from the inside and Lovely on the out. 

Pilates Teachers

Amy Hirsch, owner of Precision Pilates and Wellness in Smithtown NY

Amy Hirsch,
Studio Owner, Pilates Teacher

I am Amy Hirsch. I am the owner of Precision Pilates and Wellness, LLC. I welcome you with gratitude.

I have been teaching over 20 years, and I am an exercise physiologist. I have worked with hundreds of bodies with conditions, injuries, and syndromes. My clients, after just a few sessions, feel better, and more like their old selves. I love what I do because I am able to help people be pain free, stronger, more confident, and love the bodies they are in.

When I am not at the studio, I am spending time with my little actors, and rushing off to the city for rehearsals and auditions. I love to garden, run, and learn. You can read my full story here.

Pilates is an important part of my life. I look forward to helping you transform your life and your body with Pilates. Come visit us at Precision Pilates studio in Nesconset!

Stephani D. Silverman
Pilates Teacher

Stephanie D. Silverman was certified in the Authentic Pilates Method at the Pilates Studio of New York by Brett Howard and Sean Gallagher.  Her knowledge of the body comes from her background in classical ballet and modern dance as well as her work as an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. She has been teaching Pilates in NYC and Long Island for 18 years. Her favorite quote from Joseph Pilates is

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”