April Client Inspiration

This month I’d like to introduce you to Judiann!

When did you start Pilates?
My very first Pilates session was in August 2017. I started doing Pilates seriously in December 2017.

What’s your favorite thing about doing Pilates? 

Seeing how far I have come in the Pilates exercises and knowing I can go so much further!

What differences have you noticed in your body since you started? 
My body is better toned, my energy level is higher. I have a better sense of wellness.

Describe Precision Pilates & Wellness in three words. 
Energizing, invigorating, fun!

Was there a trigger that caused you to start Pilates?
I never had an exercise routine and felt I was becoming too sedentary. I wanted to challenge myself, get healthier, tone my body, and increase my energy level.

What would you say to other people who are thinking of starting Pilates?
Pilates is an amazing way to get healthy and feel good about yourself. You would be doing a disservice to yourself if you didn’t try!!