Real Men Do Pilates

Pilates is one of the best cross-training programs any man can do

Why Pilates?

  • Improve overall balance/symmetry in the body
  • Reduce back pain
  • Improve posture
  • Become a better breather
  • Prevent Injuries

Pilates Improves your Golf Swing

The icing on the cake of any rotational movement comes at the end when the core/obliques kick in, and allow the body to drive through the swing. Sure, you can just use the upper body at first, but with time, injuries will pop up.

Pilates makes the body less susceptible to injury because it gives one suppleness and the ability for more power and less injury. 

benefits of pilates for weight lifting

Pilates helps you lift safer

Pilates helps stabilize the pelvis, open the hips, and lengthen the hamstrings so heavier lifts in the gym are easier and safer.

benefits of pilates for men

Pilates helps you enjoy your daily activities

With consistent Pilates practice you will increase range of motion in the joints, learn good body mechanics and improve overall flexibility. By doing so there will be less strain when bending over to pick up things and sitting on the floor with your kids/grandkids is not painful. 

Pilates is for the athlete, weekend warrior, fitness buff, or the couch potato.

Our Precision Pilates men have the choice of Privates, joining our ladies in Semi-Privates or Virtual classes AND dedicated only “Real Men Do Pilates” semi-privates at the studio.

Private Pilates Session

Private Pilates Session

Pilates Men’s Class

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Do Men do Pilates?

Pilates was developed by a man–Joseph H. Pilates, on a man’s body FOR men. Specifically World War I soldiers. Need I say more? 

Today lots of men “do” pilates because they realize the benefits of the method for their general health and for their athletic performance.  Many male athletes and performers rely on Pilates as an effective cross-training program (Marcus Stroman, David Beckham, Sly Stalone to name a few ).

Not a pro…no worries we have your “back” here at Precision Pilates.

How can I start a Pilates practice as a beginner?

If you are completely new to Pilates or recovering from an injury, we recommend starting with Privates to learn the method, learn any modifications, and get you safely acquainted with the equipment.

What do I Wear to Pilates?

We recommend wearing compression shorts underneath your shorts or pants. You’re going to be laying down with your legs in the air, standing in a split, or sitting on an elevated box. We like to contain all of you –if you know what we mean.  And for safety, we require sticky socks.

Celebrate Mother's DayWith a Special Pilates Package

1 Private, 2 Semi-Privates and a Pair of Grip Socks