Between sessions, we will be cleaning and disinfecting all equipment used in the previous session.

Members of the Precision Pilates team will be cleaning the studio floors daily between the morning and evening sessions.  This will include vacuuming and mopping with a commercial grade disinfectant.

We will also have a weekly deep cleaning from our professional cleaning service.

How Members Can Help

We will be stocking the studio with wipes, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.  Using hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the studio and thoroughly wiping down every piece of equipment you use after your workout is essential to help this effort.


Your Personal Space

Each member will have their own dedicated space during workouts.  This will be your private area for the entire session.  These spaces will be clearly marked with white tape on the floor.

Members and coaches are not required to wear masks but may personally choose to do so.


Every attempt will be made to avoid / limit the sharing of equipment.

You’ll gather equipment at the start of your session and that’s what you’ll use for the duration of the workout.

It’s very important that when you return any piece of equipment to it’s storage space, that it’s wiped down thoroughly.

Safety Protocols for you & the Precisions Pilates Team

Please schedule your workouts in advance using the MindBodyOnline app.

Do NOT come to the facility if you are not feeling well.  
Be considerate of others.

Visitors will NOT be allowed in the waiting area (including children).  Only members working out and the instructors will be allowed in the facility.

Please use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the facility.

Bring your own personal towel to your workout.  Please leave your area as clean as you found it.

Once finished, completely wipe down any equipment you used during your workout.   Use an adequate supply of disinfectant or Gym Wipes.