Will Pilates make you taller?

Will Pilates Make You Taller

Will Pilates make you taller? There aren’t many exercise programs that can help you grow taller, but Pilates just might!

As we age, our poor postural habits often make it appear as if we are shrinking. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time hunched over a computer, slouched in a car, and lounging on the coach. Therefore, over time, our poor posture can have some dramatic effects on our body.

Common problem areas often arising from our poor posture habits include:

  • Tight, rounded shoulders
  • An exaggerated curve in our upper back (called Kyphosis)
  • A forward head
  • Tight muscles in the neck and upper back (where we often hold stress)
  • Tight hamstrings and tight low back (which often show up as strain or pain in the low back)

The Pilates method of exercise is designed around creating uniform development in the body. In a nutshell, this means the exercises will stretch and lengthen what is tight, strengthen what is weak, and teach your muscles to work together to create balance in your body. All of these things add up to better overall posture and better posture habits in your daily life.

When the musculature of your body is balanced out, your bones are able to line up as they were designed to. And, often times, this means regaining your full height again! I have had many clients over the years report that they were taller at their yearly check ups!

So, will Pilates make me taller? You probably won’t grow taller, but you’ll keep all the height you earned growing up! Learn more about growing taller with Pilates, and all of the other wonderful benefits by exploring our website!