Often times I find that male clients start their Pilates practice because their significant other convinces them to try it. Once they get into the studio and start practicing Pilates on a regular basis, they start to realize they actually enjoy the work, and can feel the difference in their body. The art of a Pilates instructor is not only in teaching for the long term, but coaching for the present.


One new male Pilates client mentioned, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been coached, and I’m really enjoying the instruction and coaching.”

Coaching is one of the things that really separates Pilates from any other fitness trendPilates Instructors are trained to coach each body to learn exercises and movements that are very specific to their body. Instructors are not just worried about giving you a workout. They are trained to educate you on how to move your body more efficiently so that you can get a better workout. This way you can move better throughout your life. Pilates instructors are trained to give you movement tools. Tools that you can use in all the other movements you do outside of the Pilates studio setting.

If you’re someone that enjoys learning new things, or maybe you were an athlete in your younger years (or still are), you might find that learning to practice Pilates is something you’ll really enjoy!  Visit our website at SmithtownPilates.com to schedule your first session!