Is Fear Holding You Back?

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Just last week I was chatting with a client during one of her introductory private sessions, We were talking about adding some more classes into her regular routine. She mentioned that she was enjoying her beginner classes she had started doing, and thought she was ready to add in another time or two per week. She also mentioned how relieved she was to see that the people that were headed to a different class on our schedule that day were….well…normal. I could tell that seeing a variety of ages and body shapes heading into class helped her. She realized that she, too, could do a class and not feel out of place! 

What’s stopping you?

So many times in life I think the thing that stops us from doing something is our fear. Fear keeps us from things that might make a huge difference in our life, and in how our body feels. Our fear of worrying about what other people might think of us. And our fear of not fitting in. I know that my passion, and “my why”, in life have a lot to do with helping people. Helping them realize how movement can be an amazing health tool to live their best life. I’ve also come to realize that the hardest part about sharing my passion with others is, that for me to get to have the chance to share it with people, I first have to convince them that their fears of not fitting in, not being strong enough, not being flexible enough to start a movement practice are not really true!!  

If you are one of those people who really wants to add some movement time into your life, but you are just plain scared, you are not alone! Most of our clients feel that way when they get started! But I have to tell you, it doesn’t take them very long to figure out that Precision Pilates is a place where everyone fits in. 

Let’s rethink some of those fears! 

  • I am too old. Nonsense!! If you are wanting exercise and movement at whatever age you are, do it! Doesn’t it make sense that there are others close to your age that feel the same way? 
  • I’m too out of shape. I can promise you that I will be giving you exercises that are within your abilities. Ones that can be done at a level you are comfortable at. AND you will not feel out of place doing it! 
  • I am not sure if I can do it because of (fill in the blank with an ailment or injury). Again, I know this might be hard to believe, but I have been trained to not only know how to give you exercises that allow you to move no matter what is going on, but also strengthen your body. We do it all the time! Even in small group settings. When you take small group classes at our studio, you will see people in class doing lots of different variations on exercises. We know that not every body is the same. You won’t feel out of place adjusting an exercise for your body because we insist that everyone does the exercise in a way that is beneficial for their body! Modifications help to strengthen your body.

Ready to get out of your own way, and experience how movement can help you feel better in your body? Call us at 516-3187467 and we will help you get started!