3 Ways Pilates Helps Runners & Cyclists


When people find out I teach Pilates, I hear things like, “oh, I’m a runner” or “I ride my bike XX miles per week”. People seem anxious to share their workout method with me, without asking any questions about Pilates. That doesn’t mean that these people couldn’t benefit from Pilates. Here are 3 ways that Pilates helps runners and cyclists.

Drum Roll Please…

1. If you are injured, you can’t ride or run. I know how torturous it is to not be able to get your miles in. Seriously, when you constantly repeat the same movements without varying your exercise your body becomes imbalanced, And imbalances cause injuries. It all comes down to prevention. Pilates will help you create balance in your body, and prevent injuries!

2. Pilates can help runners and cyclists by creating balance in your musculature, and increasing your core strength, you will improve your cycling and running. Whether you are competitive with just yourself or others – you will see an improvement in your speed and endurance by adding Pilates to your fitness routine.Pilates helps runners

3. You might actually enjoy it! If you love to move and challenge your body, you will probably find yourself looking forward to the challenges of your Pilates practice.

Pilates can help runners and cyclists, or any athlete, in many ways. Want to try it out? Contact us today to schedule a session!