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As a Pilates instructor, one of the things I love about teaching is getting to know my clients, and getting to be part of their health journey. So many of my clients have been with me for years. I think that is so amazing!  As an instructor, I can tell you that, like any relationship, the instructor/student relationship definitely evolves and matures as clients get to know me. I get to know them, and how they progress in their Pilates practice. But one of my favorites is “things a Pilates instructor hears”!

One of the funny things that happens as clients get to know me better is that sometimes they say the things that are going through their head during their session or class. You know….that stuff you’ve been thinking since your first session but just finally feel comfortable saying!  If you’ve ever wondered some of the things a Pilates instructor hears, here’s just a few of my favorites:

  • Are you making that up? I mean did Joe Pilates really create all of these crazy exercises? And how could she still be teaching me new things after I’ve been doing this for more than a  year?   

    I have to admit that on occasion I make up a movement or variation of an exercise if I feel like it would help a client. In fact, in my own workout (aka play time) I often experiment with different variations of a traditional Pilates exercise. I’m always looking for ways to help someone learn a Pilates concept or movement better or in a new way. So it’s possible I would answer this with a yes!
  • What the he** are we doing? Most Pilates students have thought this at one time or another. (First time you did Short Spine, or when we asked you to Roll Like a Ball…). But only those who know me well will actually say it out loud when I ask them to try something new or different!
  • Are you bored? This one goes hand in hand with did you make that upIt’s true I do like the creative, playful side of Pilates. And I like to mix things up on occasion. Variety is the spice of life right?
  • Are you kidding me? This one usually comes out when I ask a client to do something they don’t think they can do. For example, an Upside Down Push Up on the Chair or Monkey on the Cadillac. And then they end up doing it beautifully!!
  • No! When I ask if they want to try an exercise or movement sometimes I get an upfront, “No, not really”. Usually I’m not really giving them an option, and then they end up doing it anyway. But those who know me well aren’t afraid to try to get out of it!
  • Rolling Eyes..(no words needed)…. This response is common when I say things things like,”This exercise is like a built in rest in the middle of your Pilates mat work” or “Guess what fun thing is up next!” 
  • Stop being so Picky! Admit it, some days you just wish your instructor would not remind you of all those little details. Are they really that important anyway?
  • Really??? This usually gets said at that moment when you are slightly tired and I ask you to do 2 more, or maybe try just a slightly more challenging variation.
  • Do you really think I can do that?? My answer is always, “Of course I do or I wouldn’t have asked!!”
  • Anything else? Pull your abdominals in, keep your legs together, no scrunching those shoulders, and then coordinate your breath with your movement! The Pilates method can seem pretty demanding, and sometimes you feel like your brain and body can’t possibly put all those pieces together at the same time.
  • Time for Seal?? If you have been practicing Pilates you know the exercises that come at the end of the order, and you have to admit that it’s kind of a relief when you hear your instructor announce those exercises. For those who know me well, they are not shy about asking for those exercises (even if we are only half way through our workout!

So now it’s your turn!  I would love to hear what goes through your head and what you actually say to your Pilates instructor! If you are a Pilates instructor, I’m sure you can add to my list of “things a Pilates instructor hears” with what you hear from clients! Share this post and be sure to comment with your favorites!!