The Perfect Exercise Method for Snowbirds

If you are reading this, I’m going to assume that you are a snowbird, or you know someone who is.   Read things you didn’t know about snowbirds at this link  In YOUR STATE, you are a snowbird if you are one of those lucky people who has figured out out how to escape the cold, snowy winters by heading south seasonally and then returning home to enjoy the other beautiful seasons of the midwest..spring, summer and fall. 

Many of our clients at the studio are snowbirds and I was reflecting on how great Pilates is as a movement practice for these clients!  Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite reasons:

  • Most snowbirds are at a point in their life where they realize that keeping their body moving safely is key to being able to age well and continue to be active enough to do all of the fabulous fun things that they finally have time to do! Pilates is the perfect method to give them the tools to do this on a daily basis! Pilates is a safe effective method of exercise that teaches you how to move well, helps you work on balance, flexibility and strength that’s needed to keep you moving!
  • Pilates is portable.   Although Pilates can be done with equipment, there are so many things you can do with simply your own body and maybe a small theraband, a foam roller or a small ball that there is no reason to not be able to take your Pilates with you!  It’s easy to do in a hotel, in your camper or just about anywhere.  One of my clients still does private Pilates sessions with me via FaceTime or Zoom while she’s away. Some days she does it in her camper and other days she’ll take a mat and some props outside and we do outdoor Pilates! Even if you are not doing a session with an instructor, there are a ton of online videos that can easily be done anywhere.

  • You can find Pilates just about anywhere.   Pilates is popular enough now that you can usually find a Pilates studio close to you wherever you are traveling.  I often research studios for my clients who are traveling and give them recommendations of teachers and studios who I think would be a good fit for them when they are away.  

Learn more about Pilates as an exercise method by calling our studio and asking how to get started!  The best way to get us is by call 516-318-7467–text works too or old fashioned email at [email protected]