pilates is personal

I’m guessing you’ve never been at the gym doing bicep curls and had your trainer ask you, “How did that exercise feel in your body?” As a Pilates instructor, this is a question I often ask my clients as we work together. You see, learning the method of Pilates in your body isn’t just doing the exercises that you’re told to do. Pilates is personal. It’s a process of learning about your own body. Learning how to move it as efficiently as possible on any given day.

The learning process that happens in Pilates is really a two way street between instructors and clients. When I ask a client how something felt, I am doing a couple of things. First, I am asking them to be aware enough of what they are doing to be able to describe how something felt in their body. Second, I want to get a sense of what a movement felt like to them. This is the best way for me to help them learn that movements.

Pilates is personal. There is no right or wrong way to answer the question. I’m really just wanting to connect with a client so I can help them learn how to move better. There’s so much more to a mind-body movement practice like Pilates. It’s not just repeating an exercise. As an instructor I love to connect with clients and help them develop their practice in their bodies and life.

pilates is personal

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November 5, 2022