Pilates and Weight Management

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I do Pilates for weight management”?  Probably not, and here’s why:

The Pilates method of exercise encompasses so much more than physical exercise and physical benefits!  Even if you started practicing Pilates to drop some pounds, usually the transformation that happens by practicing Pilates is so much bigger than weight loss that you forget to even mention it when you’re chatting with your friends about the benefits of your Pilates practice!

Those who have started on their Pilates journey often find :

  • Their body feels better when they practice on a regular basis (and reminds them when they don’t).
  • Clothes fit better, and they are buying smaller sizes. (Whether or not the number on the scale has moved or not).
  • Feeling calmer and less stressed out all the time.
  • They enjoy working out and learning about how their body moves
  • They’re learning to appreciate their body and what it can do without worrying about a number on a scale.   ***This is huge and will affect your overall life happiness by leaps and bounds!
  • Feeling happier.
  • They LOVE Pilates but often can’t put into words exactly why! (This is quite frustrating to their friends and family who want to learn about this Pilates magic that has transformed their life!)

The Pilates method of exercise ties together controlled, precise, balanced movement. It not only exercises your body, but also challenges your mind and spirit to become the best you ever!

It’s a well known fact that many people lose weight and inches by regularly practicing Pilates. But, honestly, it’s usually not the reason someone continues to practice.  If you are tired of looking for that quick fix to lose weight, but know you would benefit from adding a regular exercise program to your life, then give Pilates a try! Pilates for weight management might be why you start, but we guarantee you’ll continue for many reasons.