So one of the problems that I had that really brought me to Pilates was the level of discomfort I was getting from my back. My back pain really radiates down my leg and into my foot. What I found was happening was that I was just muddling through life and not dealing with the cause of the pain.  

Pilates has helped by allowing me to stretch my muscles and really gain some strength and flexibility. Just the moving, keeping tabs on myself, all of that combined made this pain decrease. I worked through the pain, so that’s not as much of a struggle for me as it had been previously. 

I’m able to participate in life much more enjoyably than I had previously. I am now an active participant in my life. I’m not spending the weekend trying to recoup so that I can then function again on Monday and go through that vicious cycle.

So I, as I said, I’m much more of a participant in the things that are going on with my family.  Instead of just watching from a far or hearing about it afterwards….I am in there in the thick of things, trying new things that I wouldn’t have tried before. If it brought me nothing else, it brought me a more enjoyable life.

I’ve gotten my family addicted to Pilates. I never thought that that would happen, but it is something now that we enjoy.  My daughter’s doing it. She very much enjoys it. She’s seeing the results. She’s incredibly happy about the result she’s seeing. She sees the change in me.  She’s now got her boyfriend doing it. Now, all we have to get is my son and his girlfriend on board, and we’ll be a Pilates family. 

I couldn’t encourage a friend enough to join Precision Pilates. Amy has gotten us through the pandemic….first, working with us virtually then revamping her studio so that we’ve been doing porch Pilates outside in the 90 plus degree, heat and humidity and the freezing cold winter.   We’ve worked in comfort so we’ve been able to continue with our Pilates practice. Everything is clean, healthy, and it’s just a wonderful environment to learn Pilates and experience the benefits it could bring to you.