This month I’d like to introduce you to Jeanne Clemente.   She joined us in May of 2017 for one our 21 Day Challenges (similar to the Little Black Dress Project)  
Jeanne is a fixture in our weekday 5:30 am classes, and then races off for a full day in the city.  

Jeanne works super hard in all our classes–even Barre, her least favorite.   In addition Jeanne walks and runs on the weekends with her husband to complement all the strength work she does in the studio.

When did you start Pilates?
Just over 2 years ago

What’s your favorite thing about doing Pilates?

It’s the right kind of exercise for me.   I like the variety of the classes…mat, hiit, chair, springboard, etc. so it’s not the same all the time.   I don’t have to dance around and follow routines where I feel uncoordinated.   I go early in the morning so i feel like I accomplished something before my day begins.   

What differences have you noticed in your body?
I actually have some muscles in my arms which I never had before.   I think my legs are more toned and overall I feel stronger.   

Describe Precision Pilates & Wellness in three words.
Friendly, Personal Informative

Was there a trigger that caused you to start Pilates?
I saw the Little Black Dress Challenge and wanted to lose some weight.   It was a good way to be exposed to Pilates since I didn’t know much about it.   I figured it was worth a try since the exercise I was doing on my own wasn’t working.  

What would you say to other people who are thinking of starting Pilates?
I think everyone has to find the exercise program that works for them and Pilates definitely offers a variety of classes so it can appeal to lots of people.   I would suggest giving them all a try to see how diverse Pilates can be….I’m sure most people will end up loving it like I did.