Did you know that studies show music helps to boost your workouts in two different ways: it can make exercises seem less intense AND also can help you work out longer.

But there’s also something else you need to know…

If the music is too loud, it can actually hurt your hearing.

When you’re working out, studies show you might actually be at MORE risk of suffering damage to your hearing…

And this can affect ALL Of us if we’re not careful!

If you’ve got your headphones in and are in the groove, it’s far too easy and tempting to turn up the volume.  🎧

After a while, you just get used to how loud the music is and don’t even notice it.

This is not a good thing, because over time you can actually start to lose your hearing!

How loud is too loud? Sound is measured in decibels, and according to IDEA International Health & Fitness Association, music shouldn’t exceed 85 decibels.  That’s about as loud as it gets in a noisy restaurant or when you’re in heavy traffic in a city.

You can easily measure how loud music is at the gym by using a phone app decibel meter.

“Sound Meter” is a popular choice. Most smartphones also let you set a volume limit for your headphones and earbuds.

This week, if you find yourself popping in those earphones for a run or just to listen to music, pay attention to how loud the volume is.  Now you’re informed and can make a great decision in case you need to lower it 🙂

This week’s challenge is as simple as that!  What do you think? Are you in- let me know in a comment below!

REFERENCE: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3406655