Prior to starting Pilates. I struggled for many, many years with chronic back pain, which was in part due to an old injury in my knee. I broke my knee in my twenties. My right leg was severely atrophied. I had poor flexibility in my leg. I had a knee replacement, but after months and months of PT, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. I just felt weak. I felt I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do either because I would be in pain or because I was afraid of hurting myself.  Being a very active person, I just found that that was not acceptable. 

I came to Amy at Precision Pilates. With my first consultation, she gave me fantastic advice, certain exercises to do that I had not done in PT. And after a few months of working out religiously, my back pain was gone. My flexibility and my strength were increased tremendously. 

Pilates has changed my life tremendously again in the fact that I am no longer in chronic pain. I would say that I had an “AHA” moment if you want to call it that maybe about five or six months into training, I had started volunteering at a local wildlife rescue and one day, while hiking through the woods, I just realized I was no longer in pain. I was looking forward to doing heavier work, working in the barn and it just opened my eyes. And I knew it was because I had been working out religiously.

As a by-product of Pilates, I would say strength and flexibility are at top of the list. But I also, despite a year of COVID, find that my clothes are fitting me better, I’m more toned and I just feel better about myself in general. 

If I had a friend thinking about trying Pilates, I would tell them to definitely do it. I myself was a little concerned about my budgetary restraints, but when I first started, I said, you know what? I’m worth it. I’m going to make an investment in my own health. And it was the best decision I ever made. And in particular, Precision Pilates has just been a godsend. Amy’s knowledge, helpfulness, even if it has nothing to do Pilates, she’s always got something helpful. No matter what it is, if something hurts, she knows how to fix it.