The struggles that I’ve had prior to starting Pilates would definitely be focused on back and core ability. I am 46 years old with three herniated discs and in addition to that, some other challenges with my back and legs after going to pain management, orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, I was desperate for help and this Pilates studio here gave me that hope to get better, get stronger and drill down to the root cause of my challenge.

The changes I have seen since I’ve started Pilates would definitely be focused on flexibility, quick signs of strength in my core, (which I didn’t know was as weak as it was until I started strengthening it). And I have seen a difference in how my body’s been feeling in a short period of time.  

Pilates has changed my life outside of the studio in many ways:  changing the way I breathe at certain times, strengthening my core and posture, the focus on day-to-day activities while just sitting at a laptop has changed my life in a big way. And thinking about how I use muscles in different ways has impacted the outside life.

 I decided to join Pilates for strength, for resolution, for success, for getting back to where I once was and not having any pain anymore.   I don’t want to live day to day like that.

If you’re on the fence, because I was, I personally didn’t believe that Pilates would help with the challenges I faced in my back. But after going to PT for six to eight months regularly and having eight training sessions of Pilates, I’ve seen more progress than in six to eight months of PT.