Have you heard of Pilates Magic?   Pilates Magic is what I often call the transformation that happens when you commit to a regular Pilates practice.  By regular I mean you do Pilates on a regular enough basis that you know the exercises by name and by feel, you know the order and what’s coming next on most days.  You probably have an instructor that knows your body well enough that she (or he) can walk by in class and lightly touch your shoulder and you know what to adjust.

The transformation can be seen in many aspects of your life and your body.  Often times your body changes shape and you can tell its changed but you can’t exactly put it into words.  It’s not necessarily a weight change, but you look longer, leaner, more vibrant and you feel better in general.  Your movements are graceful and precise and you’re able to execute verbal cues from your instructor with much more ease and much less thought then you did when you started your Pilates journey.  You probably find yourself thinking about your Pilates movements when you are not at the studio and you’ve more than likely starting incorporating Pilates into you home workouts and even daily movement patterns.

How can you find the Pilates Magic?   From an instructor’s standpoint I can tell you that the shortest route to Pilates magic is through consistent private sessions.   You can also get there through regular class attendance and at home practice.  The key is consistent and regular sessions.

Joseph Pilates said,” In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll be on your way to a whole new body.”

I’m always a little amazed at how true this statement is.  Unfortunately many people don’t put the effort in to get to the Pilates Magic.

Somewhere around 10 sessions most clients will tell me about how much better they are feeling or how Pilates has helped with a physical problem they had been having. Somewhere around the 20 session I’ll often get feedback from clients saying,”  My friends noticed a difference and wondered what I was doing.”

The Magic that happens around 30 sessions is usually profound enough for me as instructor that I find myself checking my client’s chart to see where we are as far as a session count!  It’s not always easy to describe in words the change but its a big change.  Usually it is a combination of how their body looks, how it moves , and what it can do!

Ready to experience the Pilates Magic?  Make a commitment to learn Pilates from an experienced instructor and give Joe’s 30 session challenge a try!