So you’re a beginner to Pilates, and you’re not sure you can keep up in a class. Let us reassure you, Precision Pilates offers different levels of classes to give everyone’s body the appropriate work out and Pilates experience. We are here to help each student, no matter their skill level. Private, semi private, and group classes are offered on a variety of Pilates equipment. This includes the Reformer, Springboard, chairs, barrels, mat, and small props.   

Types of Classes

Group classes are ideal for those who are generally healthy. The ideal student for group classes knows the modifications to perform the exercises correctly and safely. Classes are not geared towards rehab. Pregnant students will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Private sessions (minimum 3) are strongly recommended for the new student, and any one with injuries or health issues. (Did you know that Pilates can be a great way to workout even if you have injuries?)

Small group classes are limited to 6 students. This is so you can be sure you have a safe and efficient workout. 

We’ve tried to “label” all our classes with levels. But, as I’m sure you know, once you’re not a beginner, you are at your own unique level! Thus, some of our classes have 2 levels on them. Which means, ideally, our instructors are expecting a mix of students in those levels. Whether you’re a beginner at Pilates, or have been practicing for years, we’re here to guide you through a safe and enjoyable workout!

We want to emphasize — that if a class at your level is not available at the time you are there, you are certainly welcome to attend any class on the schedule. Higher level classes move a little more quickly, but we will do our best to guide you in EVERY class you take at Precision Pilates!

Beginner Pilates & Class Levels