Learn to take greater control of your wellness.

Clear energy imbalances that lead to pain, disease and stress

Improve your overall well being

Polarity Therapy and Gentle (Hatha) Yoga Classes 

Linda Babolcsay brings gentle yoga classes and Polarity sessions to Precision Pilates in Nesconset. Linda works to meet you where your tension resides. She will incorporate knowledge and techniques drawn from all of her backgrounds and hold the space to support your journey to unbound potential. ​

  • Energetic hands on and off body work
  • Cleansing and health-building diets
  • Polarity exercises
  • Development of self awareness and a positive attitude
  • Discover a new and vibrant life process
  • Highly individualized sessions
  • Reconnect each client back to an innate healing Intelligence
  • A sense of profound relaxation. 


Polarity Session

Each 60 min POLARITY THERAPY session is tailored to meet the needs of the client as each session is unique to serve what is going on for you within the moment. Typically, there is a check in followed by an invitation for bodywork on the table to address any energetic blocks within the body and allow for release and flow. Tuning forks may be used during the session to increase the vibratory essence and healing.  Each session has the intention to hold space so you can connect to your whole and best self. The process is an interactive dialogue that may include hands on and/or off touch and craniosacral unwinding. If emotions arise, I assist you in the journey of self-discovery.  Clients have reported feeling subtle energy shifts, subconscious release, greater mental clarity, relaxation as well as better connection to self. 

1 session  – $100

Gentle Yoga Class 60 Minutes

Gentle yoga is a variation of the hatha tradition of yoga. It was created to be accessible to all types of students, and to support their mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Gentle yoga seeks to provide therapeutic modifications to common yoga poses. With less intense positions, and focus on extended time for meditation, yogic breath work, and relaxation, this form of yoga helps increase mobility and flexibility in a slow well-rounded approach.

Single class: $25

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What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a unique and comprehensive wellness practice that involves touch.  It is the synthesis of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Hermetic Philosophy, and Modern Physics. This form of energetic healing has been developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1889-1981), an Osteopathic and Naturopathic Physician and Chiropractor. Polarity Therapy takes into account the WHOLE being that is why it is effective in improving overall wellness of the individual.   Fully integrative, it addresses the holistic relationship between structural alignment, thought processes, emotional expression, and spiritual awareness. The goal of Polarity Therapy is personal transformation. It brings movement to the thing that’s not moving.

Polarity Therapy sessions in Smithtown/Nesconset will help you cope with or see positive change in the following areas:

  • mental and emotional clarity, 
  • stress, 
  • nervous system disruption, 
  • anxiety, 
  • depression, 
  • trouble sleeping, 
  • general lethargy, 

  • chronic pain, 
  • digestive issues, 
  • cleansing the body’s cellular memory of trauma, 
  • PTSD, 
  • feelings of disconnection, and much more…

Polarity Therapy is the opportunity to release what’s not working for you and create space for what is.

Disease, pain and stress are the results of underlying energy imbalances. Begin to access your vibrant potential by creating awareness of what’s going on in your body and understand how it reflects what’s going on in your life.

“The Polarity Therapy Process,” is a transformation that the individual goes through that makes one’s life change for the better and encourages healthier living on every level.”

-Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND

Meet your Polarity Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Linda Babolcsay

Linda Babolcsay, LCSWR, CASAC, R.P.P., RYT-500, is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, Registered Polarity Therapist and a registered 500-hour Yoga Instructor. Linda has been a lifelong student of various forms of Energetic Healing Arts and continues to study with the most renowned teachers in the field of polarity,sound healing and native American medicine.  Her work involves deep listening, attunement, witnessing and enhancement of life force and the human energy field using the deep intention and wisdom of various ancient and contemporary healing practices, among them Polarity Energy Work, Yoga, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Native American Medicine Wheel & The Four Directions.  She is a trained clinical psychotherapist, with over 25 years’ experience.  Her search for a new way to heal and work with others led her both to yoga and polarity, which she has been studying for the last 10 years. Both yoga and polarity have enhanced her clinical work and incorporates true mind, body and spirit integration.

Intro to Polarity Workshop

Understand Polarity in a fun, interactive and informative way! 

November 5, 2022