Interested in trying Pilates but worried about having to get onto the floor and get back up?     Maybe you’re not worried, you just know that you’re not able to get down to the floor and get back up.    Don’t judge Pilates yet!  Be open minded, and read this blog.

Although Pilates can be done on a mat on the floor it can also be done laying on a raised mat or a piece of equipment called  a Cadillac or tower system.  The raised mat surfaces are about the height of a chair and make it easier for clients to get up and down.  Often our clients with knee, or back problems prefer these mats as they making getting up and down to a position on their back much easier.

We know it can be intimidating starting a new exercise program and we want  you to be comfortable and at ease. We also want you to know that just because you have a limited range of movement or maybe an injury you shouldn’t rule out Pilates as an exercise method. 

In fact, the Pilates method is so adaptable that it is often the ideal type of exercise for someone who is recovering from an injury or someone who is just starting an exercise program.Contact us today to set up your introduction to Pilates!