Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic and quarantine, I really lost substantial weight and was feeling good. And I was doing everything on my own, but I gained weight during the pandemic and I was not happy about that. Then I had carpal tunnel syndrome. So a lot of things I had been doing, bicycling and running and high intensity impact training, I was a little concerned with. And I just did research as to what type of program could help build lower back strength or overall back strength and flexibility. And every research kept pointing me in the direction of Pilates. Prior to beginning Pilates…. twice eight years ago, and a year ago I had a sciatica where I couldn’t sit or stand or sleep and I  was recuperated, but it came back last year and both times how to have epidurals who cure it. And since starting pilates has just made my back stronger and more confident and just much more flexible.

The Pilates has me feeling seven feet tall– it’s all that stretching and you just really feel great. It’s just a lot more confidence in anything you do from aerobics or lifting something up or just bending down. I am a little bit older and you just have this confidence and strength that I never had before Pilates.  I call it the fountain of youth, but I just feel a lot more energy and flexibility than any other exercise program I’ve ever had. 

Amy’s a great instructor and I just really believe she’s very honest and she really keeps track of you and improvements. Just knowledge of all the different exercises. After my first couple of lessons, I just really felt comfortable. 

If a friend was on the fence and a couple of friends, I’m trying to convince to come to Pilates, like I said, I refer to it as the fountain of youth. I tell friends, just try it, give it some time.  I’ve only been doing it three months, but it really was after the first month I felt so much stronger and much more flexible. And I try to share it with them. People just have to experience it too, to really believe you.