My biggest struggle was my lower back pain, which I had often. Certain things I would do at work– If I were moving boxes or even playing pickleball or making certain moves, I would hurt my back and I would feel it for days. And I think from working my core, I’m strengthening and I feel a big difference with that. If my back does go out, it doesn’t hurt for as many days as it did prior to.

I could say my abs are much tighter.  When you feel good, you look good and vice versa. I feel stronger. I’m very much aware of my posture standing straight. I definitely noticed that. I think I really feel a sense of feeling centered. It’s my core, and I just feel like I’ve worked out (after Pilates) and I have just a better sense of myself. Definitely worth the try. And Amy has a great knowledge base about the body, treating injury and sense of style in the way she trains. And she’s very, very patient. I would tell them to definitely give it a try.