Anxious about taking a private Pilates class? You’re not alone. Many people have never worked one on one with a movement or exercise  instructor. And many have some misconceived ideas about what a one on one Pilates session will be like. Let me put some of your fears to rest! If you’ve been watching the Biggest Loser, we may have some work to do. Or, maybe you’ve heard horror stories of people doing personal training. And being so sore they can’t even walk the next day or lift their arm to brush their teeth?

Today I’m going to walk you through your first Pilates private class at Precision Pilates.

When you arrive at the studio, we’ll give you a tour of our space.  We’ll show you where you can put your coat, shoes, and gear. We’ll point out where the restroom is, and show you our equipment.

If you haven’t already filled out our new client paperwork, we’ll have you fill out our health intake and other preliminary forms.  The health intake form, in particular, is very important to us.  Your instructor will start your session by sitting with you and going over your health history. We’ll also discuss how it effects your exercise program.  As instructors, we want to help you create a Pilates practice that meets your goals, and is safe for your body!

After we’ve learned a little bit more about you, Amy will start by sharing a little more in depth about the history of Pilates. She will also be discussing how we teach the Pilates Method at Precision Pilates. We find that learning Pilates is a process. And, teaching the “why” behind the method is important when helping others create a Pilates practice in their life.

Whether you have been practicing Pilates for years, or a brand new beginner, we will start the movement portion of your session by teaching the Pilates fundamentals in your body.  The Pilates fundamentals are the building blocks of every exercise and movement we do in Pilates. It’s important to us that you understand them as they are used over and over again in your Pilates practice.  These fundamentals include the concepts of breathing, engaging your deep abdominal muscles, how to stabilize your hips and shoulders, and more.  We’ll tailor the exercises we use to teach these ideas to your body, and move at a level appropriate for you.

After we teach you the fundamentals and have had some time to work with you, we’ll introduce you to some Pilates exercises that are appropriate for your body.  We often like to let you experience exercises that are considered Mat work (just using your own body for resistance). We also like to let you experience exercises on some of the traditional Pilates equipment. These include equipment such as the Reformer, the Springboard/Tower or the Pilates Wunda Chair.

We’ll wrap up your session with some time to talk about what we did. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss your thoughts on the class. Amy can help to explain the different ways you can learn and practice Pilates. She can also give suggestions as to what might be best for your body.

The goal during your first session is to start the teaching process, and help you decide whether you want to pursue a Pilates practice. Your session will be a combination of discussion and movement. Will you be sore the next day? You might be. Often when you are learning a new movement, and engaging new muscles, you’ll feel it the next day, but in a good way!  You’ll know you did something different, but no need to worry about being so sore that you can’t function!!