How do you feel about exercise? Is it something you enjoy and look forward to? Or do you think of it as a chore? Something you know you should do, but not necessarily something you want to do? Can exercise be enjoyable?

At Precision Pilates, we believe that movement and exercise should be fun and enjoyable. Exercise should be something you look forward to. Something that leaves you feeling energized, accomplished, and ready to face the rest of your day!

As instructors, some of our most memorable moments are when our new clients are introduced to the Pilates work. When they have the realization that they are enjoying what they are doing, and they actually are looking forward to their next session or class!

For many people, there is a belief that exercise has to be miserable. That if you aren’t dripping in sweat, huffing and puffing, and muscles that are so sore you can’t walk up the steps, then it’s not doing you any good.

Let’s Get You On the Road to Enjoyable Exercise!

At Precision Pilates we know that this is not true, and we would love to prove it to you!  We offer a complimentary private session to ALL of our new clients so you can experience the Pilates difference yourself! Yep, that’s right, a FREE private session!

We asked one of our clients what she would say to someone who was thinking of starting Pilates and here’s what she said, “I encourage everyone to try Pilates.  Pilates is gentle, progressive, and movements are performed slowly so you learn to do each exercise precisely.  There is something for everyone, and it will improve how you feel. You will walk away from every class feeling motivated and wanting to come back again.”

If you’re ready to find an exercise and movement program you will love, contact us to set up your first session.  We would love to share our passion for Pilates with you!

PS – Did you know that Pilates helps to increase your flexibility, abdominal & lumbo-pelvic stability, and muscular activity?! Check out the study here.