Men often think Pilates is a female dominated practice. When in fact the first students of the method were men. My students often hear me say….

“Pilates was created by a man…Joseph Pilates, on a man’s body” and that’s why REAL MEN DO PILATES. We even have a T-shirt with that saying on it.

Still skeptical?

Male athletes, from pros to weekend worriers use Pilate to improve overall performance. Pilates focuses on Stretch, Strength, Stamina and Stability-aka balance. Lets face it we all could use a little bit of all of those no matter our gender or age.

Not a pro or warrior? I bet you would like to feel better in your body, decrease pain, rehab from an injury or just want to move better? Pilates does that all. Our men say Pilates is the fountain of youth for them. They never thought such simple movements can create such major gains. They feel taller, better focused, have less pain, and are more flexible.

Still not convinced??

Here are a few more benefits of Pilates for a “man’s” body.

1. Create balance in your overall strength  Weak muscles cause other muscles to over work, which results in imbalances. ie. aches and pains. Pilates is designed to correct those imbalances by working the muscles…the big ones and the the little ones. This will make movement easier and less painful… so you can consciously move better in everyday life without killing yourself at the gym.

2. Improve flexibility.  Pilates helps makes you Bendy. We move in pilates through range of motion, to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. We work against spring resistance to assist or challenge you. Pilates creates long and lean muscles to prevent injury, increase range of motion and make bending over to tie your shoes easier.

3. Build core strength.  Every exercise in Pilates uses the core to help stabilize you so you can work from the correct place. We work the “lower Abs” (transverse abdominals in pilates speak) in additional to all the muscles that support the trunk. Think of it like wearing home depot belt to support you through all your daily activities. More support equals better movement in the limbs for everyday life, less back pain/strain, maybe even a better golf score. It also means a Happier you.

4. Live more consciously. Focus, Focus luke….Pilates forces you to be in the moment, pay attention to your breath and your movement. We call this concentration. With all our tech, who could not use a bit more time focusing? After a Pilates session, you will feel more connected with you, you body and the plethera of tasks on your “honey do” list.

5. Have better sex.  Yes I said it…Pilates improves breathing, stamina, your core and pelvic floor, making your “alone” time more enjoyable for both parties involved.

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